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When you don't know where to put your hands 😂 thanks for 📱@mavic_w_ 🤙 #bmx #fisheye #graz #austria #fun #summeriscoming

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#hairstyle #zabicbrat

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خسته شدیم از بس خودمون برا خودمون لاک زدیم چه غلطی میکنی پس دلبر بیا دیگه ...#مخاطب_خاص 😜

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Had so much fun last night! 🎄#justmaiju

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Your best friend

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⚒Taking control over your body mechanics is crucial for your mind & body to be in a optimal alignment. I always had this ‘controlling’ attitude towards my body, meaning I needed to be able to activate or move certain body part. Coming from a dance and movement background this control was always much needed. _ 🚨But my life experiences didn’t always catch up with the control attitude. I had phases in my life in which I haven’t moved my body for months. And then, only after I felt it was seriously alarming, and stiff enough I would go back to my practices. So WRONG. Why do we wait for pain and discomfort to act upon our body’s signals? _ 🕴🏼Feeling stuck in your body? Lacking range of motion, activation or stability in your everyday activities can pretty much cause the feeling of being stuck in your own body. And not knowing how to cope with those can be very frustrating. Everything I write in my little descriptions is 100% experienced and based on my own practices. _ 🕕And with this post I encourage you to take action today, helping your machine move better with my YT videos. New video link in BIO 👆🏼 Don’t wait for your body to adopt to faulty movement patterns to act upon correcting them. Act now!

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Pumpin 😜

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Sometime the best think you can do is "not thinking" not wonder, not imagine, not obsess just #drunk #nightout #friends #goodtime #hangout #graz #austria #london #uk

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My Harley Quinn 🖤 #halloween #joker

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#halloween #kiss #nomakeup

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▪️▫️▪️. ➰Open your mind and new paths shall arise . . . . . . . Mobility topic is something I'm talking about in my next post. The principles, the methods and a dosage. Which joints should be primarily stable, and which should be mobile? I will discuss it all in my next blog post, until then you should take a look at my new mobility sequence on You Tube (link in BIO)

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what you allow is what will continue ✖️

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#pingpong 🎾💪😄

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blessed 🌄 #austria

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Oh my Milestoners...one year has passed so fast. I feel so blessed and proud, that i got to know every single person in this time. I'm very lucky to have the prestige of studying my passion and coming home to my second family afterwards! In this time i got to know what i really want in life. A year ful of joy, fun, tears and love passed. Every person i met in this time is now a precious, unique and lovable part of my life, despite of all difficulties! I can't explain the joy i feel inside of me, when i think about all the memories we all made together! This part of my life i will always keep in my heart. Ever since i met all this different cultures and characters, i got to know myself too; i grow. I learned lessons for life and i got more open, went out of my comfort zone and faced my fears. People say, friends are the family you choose by yourself. Shoutout to my squad, i love you guys!

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♠ of spades

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Ещё раз с днём Рождения тебя, Дорогая! Пусть в твоих воспоминаниях останутся только самые положительные эмоции этой ночи 💥 Freunde sind wie Sterne. Du kannst sie nicht immer sehen, aber du weißt, sie sind immer für dich da! ❤️ Люблю @maija___ 10.09.17

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