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Playa de San Juan de Nieva. Asturias

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Recordando los cálidos atardeceres del verano

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.... the sun is always there... Sometimes only hidden behind the clouds....but when the clouds slowly disappear it comes out a clear blue sky and the sunset in a really unexpected beauty 💖 ... And so it is often in life with many things... The more unexpected things ir moments are the most precious 😏 _____________________________

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" sun explosion " 📚 " If you surrender completely to the moments as they pass, you live more richly those moments. " -Anne Morrow Lindbergh- 📖 _____________________________

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Lingana accomplished!!!🙌 The incredible feeling of accomplishing something I had never done ( rappelling & rock climbing ) and enjoying every scary and adrenaline fuelled moment of it. Here is something about Lingana Wiki : Lingana is a massive pinnacle on the mainline of the Sahyadris between Raigad and Torna. It is in the Mahad Taluka of Raigad district. It is 35 km away from Mahad town. It takes its name from its shape which is like a linga. It is 2969 feet high with an ascent of four miles, the first half is easy to climb while the second is difficult. Its rock cut steps have been destroyed and the fort is almost completely inaccessible. The top of the fortified rock is 2500 feet square. No fortifications or buildings remain but there are traces of a grain store and some cisterns. History Lingana fort was built by Shivaji Maharaj in 1648 to secure central Konkan against the Sidis. Under the Marathas, Lingana was used as a penal settlement. The prisoners were confined to rock dungeons with one dungeon holding 50 prisoners. Lingana was captured by a Colonel Prother in 1818.[1]

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Climbing back to base camp but that's the Nalli we climbed down and took a right for Lingana. We were glad it was pitch dark when we we started, it looks way more intimidating in the daylight.

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The views are still amazing and the path still a bit dangerous. The legs and mind are numb though, we just want to reach base camp and rest.

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Thinking after climbing and rappelling down the treacherous Lingana. The way to base camp will be easier. Wrong!. We didnt realize these drops at 4 am in the darkness when we came from here.

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That green spot is me doing the final descend of Lingana. We all will be finally at the base from where we started at 4 am. Right now its almost 4 pm. Heading back to base camp soon via Nalli chi vaat

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Time to head back and finish our climb down. The last 200 feet drop

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Indra! One of the guys from Wild Trek Adventures who did all the heavy lifting. Carrying the heavy rope. Checking attachments, rock bolts. Making sure everyone is relatively safe. Look how easily he stands on that edge making sure the guy going down is doing everything right.

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The Rope. The only thing that tells us psychological that there is some safety in all this. Not really !

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🛀Chilling wherever possible with Biker gloves on. The gloves really helped while rappelling down. Some people who held the rope too tightly had their palms scalped.

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Going down now!😵 Trick: Don't look down

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So tired 😌 that I don't mind all the little stones and thorns behind my back. Rappelling also means a lot of waiting time, since not everyone can rappel down at the same time. So 😴

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After him I am next in line for rappelling. Gulp! 💪

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Waiting in line for some rappelling time!. The first ones to reach down will have lesser tans.😎🔥

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Time to head back down from the Summit. Its about 10am and the heat is already killing us.

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Cracking up on some bad joke on the summit😂 The summit can hold about 15 people max🏔. Time to rappel down!

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Incredible Sahyadri Views from the summit. The scorching sun, the wind and the small surface area on the top makes the summit a hostile place.

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Lingana Summit celebration! Finally at the top of this gojira but the adventure is only half done, we still have to rappel down.

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A very narrow path to the summit and valley drops and both sides. It cant get any better 😵

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I should look ahead and join others at the summit but the views around are just too exhilarating. I think I just wanted to enjoy this feeling of achievement with myself first.

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The final few steps to the Lingana summit 😅🗻

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That's me a few meters away to join the summit celebrations 🎉

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Looking back at the last climb. It seemed tough but was comparatively easy. Although a slip would still be fatal. Now the long narrow walk to the summit. Phew!

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Time for some R & R as the ropes and climbing gear is being checked before the last scary climb.

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That's the last climb and then a very steep narrow walk towards the summit. While climbing this patch you have to put your body on Valley drop side (right side) as thats the only place you will have a grip.

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Thats a pretty good drop from where I am and I am not even at the summit.

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Last ✌ climbs remaining to reach the summit. As we close in on the summit the path gets narrower and the view gets better. Right in front is the Rayling Pathar from where we clicked Lingana pictures earlier evening.

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Viewing options: Look Around 😄😅😍 Look below 😨😱😵

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The few final climbs and the path gets narrower. I am now getting comfortable with finding the right crevice with your hand and feet pushing yourself up. Fear subsides its more excitement now.

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Almost 90 degree climbs. With every climb I could feel my heartbeats increase and adrenaline kicking. Any little mistake at this hieght can be fatal.

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One hand on the rope one hand on a rock grip and the Valley bellow.

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Just about morning and only 5 percent done. Already we are thinking #whatthehelldidwegetourselvesinto :D

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• Me gusta la gente que sabe ser Sol, cuando la vida esta nublada • .

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